Net International Reserves BCR
Million of US$
Data updated until: May 2024


2023 2024
May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May
2,680.52 2,580.06 2,617.42 2,601.94 2,522.89 2,585.87 2,788.94 2,645.52 2,761.43 2,700.83 2,714.43 3,119.03 3,250.31
3,383.68 2,846.59 3,117.12 2,979.64 2,730.19 2,771.44 3,057.68 3,081.19 3,247.71 2,971.41 2,917.35 3,470.28 3,443.87
703.15 266.53 499.70 377.70 207.30 185.57 268.73 435.67 486.28 270.59 202.93 351.24 193.56
Next Date of Publication : 05 July 2024
  •  Central Reserve Bank based its Consolidated Balance Sheet.
  •  1/ From December/2000 to October/2004 gold is valued at market prices. It is calculated every end of the month at 5% under the moving average market price, being based on the last 100 observations of the daily market price. The adjustment is realized in front of a price reduction.
  •  2/ From November/2004 to October/2010, gold is valued by reference to the lowest value obtained by comparing the moving average market prices montly closing of the last 10 years and the average daily market price of the month.
  •  3/ From November/2010, the gold price is set by the London Bullion Market
  •  4/ In the case of SDR , contains the total value of holdings allocated by IMF to El Salvador. However, between August 2009 and January 2011, that value was recorded as follows: 50% in the CRB and 50% in Government
  •  5/ From February 2013 the number of gross external assets and short term external liabilities was changed, because the criteria in the record time of reserve assets, which should correspond to the acquisition date of themselves. This approach lead the commitment made as a result of adquisition of the assets be accounted for as short-term liabilities during the period from the acquisition date until the day before payment; gross external assets also were modified in all periods because financial assets are unrestricted, which were classified under criteria identified
  •  6/ Reserve assets and short-term liabilities don´t have the registry of securities traded and their commitment to pay, respectively, which implies that in specific periods, short-term liabilities may be observed that are always accompanied by reductions in gross reserve assets, with no effects on Net International Reserves.
  •  P/ Preliminar Data